Working Photographer

For my first photo genre I chose bird photography. Bird photography is the act of photographing birds in action. Bird photography is very difficult and requires top-of-the-line equipment and lots of skill. I like bird photography because I find it very impressive that people can take such high resolution and quality images of creatures moving so fast.

A famous bird photographer is David Tipling. My dude David was interested in bird watching from the very beginning of his lifespan. He was self taught, and spent his teens photographing local birds with his first camera. In the 80s he traveled all across Britain, following groups of birdwatchers. He has won many significant awards, including the 2011 European Nature Photographer of the Year Award.


(Images by David Tipling)

These images are sellable because they’re very sharp. The colors pop and the birds are always in focus. They portray these birds as majestic creatures.

Some more websites:


The second photography genre I picked was architecture photography. Architecture photography involves taking pictures of man made structures (buildings). I really like architecture photography because I really like seeing interesting designs of buildings, as well as interesting ways to approach photographing those designs.

A famous architecture photographer is Victor Enrich. Born in Barcelona, Spain, his grandfather fueled his interest in architecture. He studied and worked for architectural firms, but he realized his true passion lied within photography. He modifies all of his images to represent the buildings how he wants them to look.

Stitched Panoramavictor-3Stitched Panorama

(Images by Victor Enrich)

These images are all extremely creative and unique. They catch the viewer’s eye, and the impossible architecture part of it really captures the viewer’s imagination.

Some more websites:


I think these two styles deeply contrast each other. Architecture photography involves taking static images of man-made structures, giant metal or concrete behemoths. Bird photography, on the other hand, is natural and pure. You’re taking quick snapshots of these beautiful creates untouched by human development.


(f/3.5, 1/4000, ISO-1600)

I spent a while looking for the biggest, ugliest building in Kingston. To me, architecture can be beautiful, but the pictures I see of buildings are always just that: really nice, beautiful, symmetrical. Buildings aren’t always like that. Sometimes they’re just plain ugly. I had some other pictures which show off the sheer size of the building, but that isn’t entirely what I was going for. I like this one because it shows of different types of architecture: the massive building, the shed, the car, and the metal post. I decreased saturation by a lot because to me, architecture isn’t really a colorful topic.


I really like this picture of the bird, because the bird looks very lonely.



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