Action Shot- Shot with a slightly lowered exposure. Fan was set to the highest speed. In Photoshop, I increased slightly shadows, saturation and vibrance.


Portrait Shot- Shot with everything on auto (I know, right?). In Photoshop, I added a Noise Reduction and Sharpening filter. I added a Red Only filter with the Magic Bullet Photo Looks plug-in (parts of the image other than the tie also remained red, which I corrected by desaturating it with the sponge tool)


Night Shot- Shot in my room with a lowered exposure. In Photoshop, I selected the area around what is currently visible in the picture and filled it with black (the light was reflecting off the wall and my window, looked bad). Selected the contents of the monitor and maxed out vibrance. Greyscaled everything else (my keyboard glows green originally).


Macro Shot- Shot with a lowered exposure. I was farther from my subject than would appear and zoomed in (my camera/lens has no macro setting and the focus can only focus in on objects so close). In Photoshop, I increased shadows. Then I increased the vibrance of the green man and lowered the vibrance of everything around him (to make the colors pop)


Creative Choice- Shot with a slightly lowered exposure. In Photoshop, I increased Shadows and Highlights (leveling, basically). I selected the cup and table and zeroed saturation on everything else to achieve the black and white effect.


Letters In The Environment- Regular exposure. Saturated and changed the hue of the selection. (Spent at least an hour on messing with selections and trying to add it to existing masks, etc.)



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